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Return Policy

Return policy and warranty

  • 14 days of cancelation and return right after delivery
  • 24 months statutory warrenty
  • Additional producer warranty
Cancelation and return right

You are entitled to cancel your order within two weeks without giving any reason. The cancellation period shall commence after you have received the item(s)

The cancellation must be addressed to
Finest From Europe GmbH, Südliche Münchner Str. 24A, D-82031 Grünwald, Germany
e-Mail: [email protected]
via written notice (e-Mail or physical mail) and shall explicitly mention your decision to cancel your order. To cancel in due course it shall be sufficient to indicate the cancellation prior to expiration of the notice period.

In the event of an effective cancellation, all payments (including delivery cost) must be returned to you instantly but not later than 14 days after we have received the cancellation request. The payment will be refunded via the same payment method that had been used by you in the original purchase if not explicitly agreed otherwise with you. We will not charge any cost associated with refunding the money.

We will organize the item pick up and assume the shipping cost for the return. You only have to compensate us for the deterioration of the goods or for benefits obtained if the benefits obtained or the deterioration of the goods are attributable to handling the goods in a manner which goes beyond testing their qualities and functioning. ‘Testing their qualities and functioning‘ shall be understood to mean testing and trying out the relevant goods in a manner which is possible and usual, for example, in a physical store.

24 month statutory warranty rights in Germany

According to German law, a seller has to give a 24 month warranty for new products. In case of an issue with the product within the first 6 months of purchase, the seller has to proof that the product has been free of any faults or he must indemnify the buyer. In case of an issue between 7 and 24 months since the purchase, the buyer needs to bring such proof.
Additional producer warranty

Producers of high quality European goods usually provide an additional warranty that might go beyond the statutory warranty.
Please check the product description for more