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Bella Joya Venice Gold Wristwatch by Weitzmann

Bella Joya Venice Gold Wristwatch by Weitzmann

Looking for the perfect gift for your special one? Undecided what jewelry to buy? We have something better for you!


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Shipping, Custom Duties and GST included

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All-gold theme
MIYOTA precision quartz movement
German design

Inspired from the city of water

Inspired by the beauty of the city of Venice in Italy, this watch is as good a piece of jewelry as it is a timepiece. The professional touch of gold to the hands and dial give off a vibrant look that is flawlessly complemented by the beads in place of the hour indices.

An all-gold design

Just like the other watches in the Bella Joya series, the strap is what completes the unique outlook of the watch. The golden strap that comes with this Bella Joya Venice Gold is made of stainless steel. This ensures that the strap is not only durable but also blends well with the rest of the watch. The overall gold theme is what makes this watch such a popular gift item.


At the heart of this beautiful piece of jewelry is the MIYOTA quartz movement that makes it keep its time accurate for a long time. Glancing at the time with this watch will be a soothing experience, that’s for sure!




MIYOTA precision quartz




43 mm


Hardened mineral glass


Precious steel

Case cover

Precious steel

Water resistance

3 ATM (30m)

Strap width

20 mm

  • Easy payment with Credit Card
  • Shipment via DHL parcel
  • All custom duties and import procedures are taken care of

Venice - The City of Water

Venice is a city renowned for its architecture, artwork, and of course, canals. As of2016, it was ranked the most beautiful city in the world. Due to the high number of canals in the city, it is also known as the “City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, “City of Canals” and “The Floating City” among other similar titles.

While the city has hundreds of canals and islands, it’s the Grand Canal that is the most visible and famous. Over sixty percent of the population passes through this canal making it an integral part o the city’s daily life.

Where there’s water, you’ll need bridges. Venice has over 400 bridges. Interestingly, 72 of them are privately owned! The city is actually sinking every year at the rate of one to two millimeters every year.

It is a romantic city that has been an inspiration for many designers, be it in fashion, jewelry, art or architecture. The gourmet Italian food simply puts icing on the cake and elevates the tourist experience in the city to a different level.

An interesting fact about the city is that its population has been reduced to half in the last 50 years. Some say it will be a ghost city by 2030, but hey, at least there’ll be tourists!

  • 14 days unconditional cancellation and return right
  • 24 months statutory warranty
  • 1111 days of producer warranty. A sign of true craftsmanship.

Weitzmann AG from Bavaria in Germany

It goes without saying that time is the most valuable commodity on Earth. It is enriched with the priceless moments of our lives. Weitzmann helps you live these moments to the fullest with its wide collection of watches manufactured in Germany and Switzerland.

The Bella Joya series of watches from Weitzmann is the fashion watch line of Weitzmann AG. German designers at Weitzmann have carefully crafted these modern designs ensuring each and every part of the watch oozes with style and conforms to modern trends.

Weitzmann’s Bella Joya watches blend numerous experiences into one. You get the modern design, the elegance and the highest technical precision all in one. For anyone looking for detail and high technical precision, Weitzmann is the answer.

Every single Weitzmann watch is a symbol of German efficiency and discipline. It unites functionality with aesthetics, tradition with elegance and craftsmanship with precision and brings you one of the finest watches money can buy. Whether you are more inclined towards luxury, fashion or sport, Weitzmann’s bella Joya series has something to help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. And it all comes at extremely affordable prices!

Each wristwatch manufactured by Weitzmann watches derives inspiration from its own proven record of watchmaking as well as the historical heritage of the cities of Augsburg and Friedberg, where it all originated. Both the cities lie in the Bavarian province and are situated near Munich – the home of world-renowned Oktoberfest. The aristocrats and elite throughout Europe were served by the skillful artisans of Friedberg as early as the 17th century!

  • Easy payment with Credit Card
  • Shipment via DHL parcel
  • All custom duties and import procedures are taken care of

Handling and Care

Quartz watches are very robust and easy to take care of. Here are a very few things you should keep in mind to ensure your timepiece keeps running at its best for a very long time.

Wear It!
The best way to ensure that the mechanism runs at its best at all times is to wear it frequently. This way, you will immediately be aware when the battery starts getting low and the watch is slowing down.
Do not leave the watch lying around with an empty battery. Lack of use brings in issues like rust and lack of lubrication. As long as you are using your wristwatch, its tiny mechanical parts will stay lubricated and not cause trouble.

Routine Maintenance
Just like your car needs regular oil change, your wristwatch needs regular maintenance. When the battery needs to be replaced, hand it over to a professional. As he will open the watch anyways, this is a perfect moment to get it serviced. The repair guy can look for rusty parts or re-lubricate the parts. It is advisable to change the rubber seal for improved water resistance.

Clean it Yourself Regularly
Cleaning the watch yourself is pretty simple. Just take a soft cloth and use warm water with a little soap in it. For the leather, the best way to wash it is to put it in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar, then wipe it clean with a soft cloth.
After swimming or doing water sports, don’t forget to wipe the watch clean. The chlorine or other salts present in the water can cause damage if they dry up on the surface of the watch.

Avoid Shock and Extreme Temperature Variations
Avoid shocks and sudden movements when wearing the watch. If you play sports like Golf or Tennis that involve sudden and jerky movements of the wrist, try not to wear the watch during the game.
Extreme temperature variations can disturb the mechanical parts of any machine and wrist watches aren’t any different. Avoid wearing them in the Jacuzzi or sauna.

The Manual is Your Best Friend
Don’t forget to read the manual that comes with it. It should contain all the information you’ll need to take the best care of the watch. Moreover, it will also tell you what to do if the watch stops working properly.